Jeremy S. Willis

Attorney Jeremy S. Willis is an experienced criminal defense and family lawyer with more than 15 years of experience. With offices in Nacogdoches, Texas, he represents clients in a wide range of family law and criminal matters, ranging from DUI and drug charges to divorce and child custody disputes. Mr. Willis is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable counsel to each of his clients and strives to achieve the best outcome possible in every case.

Education and Experience

Mr. Willis is a graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law where he earned his juris doctor in 2000. He was admitted to practice in the state of Texas in 2001 and founded his own firm the same year. He has been defending the rights of clients in family law matters and criminal cases since he began his practice.

Practice Areas

Mr. Willis devotes his practice to family law and criminal defense law. He has an extensive family law practice that provides comprehensive, personalized counsel to clients in a wide range of cases, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and termination cases. He is dedicated to ensuring that his clients’ rights are protected and that we achieve the best resolution possible of your case.

Mr. Willis also defends clients in criminal matters, ranging from misdemeanors to complex felony cases. He has extensive experience representing clients in DUI/DWI matters, domestic violence cases, and drug and weapons charges. As an experienced practitioner of criminal defense law, he understands that your finances, relationships, and freedom are all on the line. That is why he dedicates his practice to defending the rights of the accused and will aggressively protect your interests throughout every phase of your case.


Mr. Willis knows that well-informed clients are in the best position to protect their rights. He will take the time to carefully answer your questions and explain your available options. He will always keep you up to date with any important developments in your case and will provide the personalized, high-quality legal counsel you need to achieve results.

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If you are involved in a family law dispute or are facing a criminal charge, our experienced attorney is ready to help. Attorney Jeremy S. Willis has more than 15 years of experience protecting the rights of his clients and providing the high-quality counsel they need to achieve a favorable outcome in their case. Contact our Nacogdoches office today to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney.

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